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A product can be considered sustainable or more environmentally friendly because of many reasons: it can be a more efficient design that saves on consumption, it can be utilizing natural materials in its production, it can be recyclable and not ending up in landfill, or it can be running of sustainable resources and of course any combination of the above. And of course, there are other important factors to consider: what is the ecological and societal cost of mining the materials, the production of the actual product as well as shipping and maintaining it once it is on the project site?


At The Circular Project we will include products that are run with sustainable resources, made of natural or recycled materials that are recyclable after use and products that save on consumption through efficient design. The goal is to ensure you can make an informed decision to find the right product for your circumstances. Get in touch for a free consultation with us in person, via phone or digital.


According to the New Zealand Green Building Council the built environment is responsible for 20% of the carbon emissions in NZ(1). Together we can make a difference for healthier and more economical places to live, learn and work for all of us.




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