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It's hard to find good sustainability information when  building or renovating a home. We all want a healthy and affordable home, and ideally one that is kind to the environment too. Different materials and technologies all have their pros and cons in certain situations, but it's often hard to understand will work best for our budget, building style, values and needs. The Circular Project team is here to help you make better building choices and create a home that will benefit your family's health and your wallet.

Common issues in Kiwi Homes

Many of us live in unhealthy, unsustainable homes that cost us a fortune to heat in winter or cool in summer and cause:

  • Toxic mould on the walls and in the building structure

  • Buildings that are too hot in summer and cold and damp in winter, causing asthma and other respiratory diseases

  • Unhealthy indoor climates; the average indoor air is up to ten times as toxic as our outdoor air with car fumes

  • High costs to us in heating, cooling, water heating and healthcare

  • Degrading in our soil, water and air quality throughout the life of many products.

How We Help

As independent energy and sustainability consultants the Circular Project team can help you create a home that is affordable, healthy, energy efficient and sustainable--all within your budget, building circumstances and values. Different buildings have different challenges. Healthy and sustainable solutions are often much more affordable than we think and look just as modern as our most common building products.

Free consultation to help you find your product match.

When making product choices, many things are important: your budget, the running costs, your particular living style, the style of building you want to achieve, the materials used in your building and your values. In working closely with you, we help you find what works for you. All our advice is independent and backed up by scientific evidence to help you make a choice that fits you.

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Image by Andre Taissin

Energy modeling to calculate your return on investment.

We often have to make choices as we cannot afford to buy all the top performing products.​ But which choice is the right one for you? Making the wrong choice will cost us money and we'll save less on energy. Even if we choose only the best performing products, overheating and discomfort can be a serious issue.


By energy modelling your house, we can assist in cutting construction costs or finding what exactly works best for you. We can look at window sizes, construction details, insulation levels or different forms of heating to help you find a combination that works best for you. We check all from air tightness to construction details and heating to help you find what works best for your budget and values. We regularly help cut construction costs or make buildings much cheaper to run. 

Connecting you to a designer or architect.

In our view, design is very important and often overlooked. Proper design will help cut costs by, for example, reducing unnecessary spaces, proper window placement and energy efficient detailing. Find here a list of architects we know focus on well designed homes. A good designer or architect will save you money while creating a better home.

Interior Designer

The benefits of working closely with the Circular Project team are:

  • Independent and personalised advice that is based on science and your requirements

  • Get a home that is comfortably warm, cheap to run and healthy for your family

  • Find products that are good for you, the people creating the products, the people installing the products and the planet.

Free Tools & Resources

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Free Calculators For You

Have you ever looked into how much money you spend or could save on your water heating bill? Know how big the heater in your room needs to be to keep you warm? When condensation will occur? What the payback period is for different products?

Our free calculators are here to help you.

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Free Product Library

It seems sometimes there are endless options when it comes to construction.

In our product library, we focus on helping you evaluate different options and explaining all commonly used products with their pros.

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