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Wall finishes

Wall Finishes

Here we look at different ways of finishing the wall. The finish of the wall depends on the material underneath: a straw bale house will likely have a clay plaster, masonry a plaster and GIB board are likely to be painted. However, most of the wall finishes can be used on several wall products, here we look at the main ones and the pros and cons of them: paint, plaster, green walls, tiles and wallpaper.

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Paint Finish

Paint is the most popular wall finishing in New Zealand. Over the years paint has evolved and here we introduce you to more healthy and environmentally friendly options.

Clay & Lime Plaster

Plastering can be done in an environmentally friendlier way, with clay and lime plasters. Plasters have been used for thousands of years, last the test of time and give your walls texture.

Wallpaper Finish

Wallpapers come in all sorts of colours, textures and materials. Wallpapers add break up walls of a monotone colour.

Tile Finish

Tiles tend to be used in bathrooms and kitchens due to their water repellent properties. Tiles are durable, strong and also a very good thermal mass, storing heat that is later released.

Green Wall Finish

Green walls are walls clad with plants vertically. Green walls are good for the indoor climate and can be individually designed to give you a wall specific for you.


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