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Sustainable Product Advice

Good buildings start with good design. The New Zealand construction industry is going through slow changes; more efficient products, air tightening, more insulation as well as an increased awareness in health and sustainability all influencing the design. It is so hard to find good information for when we are designing a project for a new build or renovation. Different materials and technologies all have their pros and cons in certain situations, but there are just often too many choices to know what will work for your client's budget, building style, values and needs. Circular Project can help you make material and product choices that are affordable, healthy, energy efficient and sustainable - all within your client's budget, building circumstances and values.


Common Challenges

We understand that architects and designers are often pushed for time and fees. Combined with budget constraints and the addition of new technologies, problems can occur, such as:

  • A limited budget with big visions can make it hard to also design for higher energy efficiency

  • As homes with more insulation, better windows and air-tightness are built, the design needs to adapt to alleviate potential overheating

  • During the tendering and construction phase, substitutions are often made that will affect the efficiency as well as the visual aspects of the building

  • Some covenants make designing an efficient building difficult; some do not allow for roof overhangs or require unnecessarily large buildings

  • Lack of time for research into building products leading to choices of products that degrade our soil, water and air quality throughout the life of many products

How We Help

As independent energy and sustainability consultants the Circular Project team can help you create a home that is affordable, healthy, energy efficient and sustainable. All within your clients' budget, building circumstances and values.

FREE consultation to help you find your product match.

When making product choices many things are important: the budget, the running costs, the particular living style, the style of building you want to achieve and the materials used in the building. In working closely with you we help you find what works for the specific project. All our advice is independent and backed up by scientific evidence to help your client make a choice that fits them.

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Blueprint Design

Energy modeling to aid design and calculate the return on investment.

With more insulation, air tightness and higher efficiency products, overheating can become an issue. Energy modelling can help you design in enough shading to minimise or eradicate overheating.

Further, to help clients with their budget, modelling specific designs and site conditions will help your clients save money and find the best ways to utilise their budget for energy efficiency. It might be putting high performing windows on one side only and investing into water heating.

By finding out the specific heating requirements based on your building and site conditions, we can show you different options to ensure your client has the most comfortable home that fits their budget.

Saving you time.

As kiwis start to get better homes, many are unsure of which choices are right for them. We can help you in giving independent advice on options and have some access to properties to show to you and your clients.


Calculating the savings by considering budget, pros and cons will help your clients make choices that fit them.

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The benefits of working closely with the Circular Project team are:

  • Independent and personalised advice that is based on science and your requirements

  • Save on time as we help to navigate on the best options for the building, client and budget

  • Get assistance in designing efficient homes that minimise overheating or being cold and damp

  • Find products that are good for your client, the people creating the products, the people installing the products and the planet.

Free Tools

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Free Calculators For You

Have you ever looked into how much money you spend or could save on your water heating bill? Know how big the heater in your room needs to be to keep you warm? When condensation will occur? What the payback period is for different products?

Our free calculators are here to help you.

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Free Informative Presentation

Tired of people trying to sell you something? Getting a lot of marketing messages?

We specialise in sustainability topic presentations that are informative and based on science. Our topics range, for example, from different options of underfloor heating to the science of space heating and internal comfort.

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