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Electric heater cost calculator

Image by Achudh Krishna

How much does my heater cost to run?


It is a question I get asked a lot at present. In my view, it should be mandatory that on a heater's label it says for how many square meters a heater is suitable for and how much it would cost every month if it runs for 8 hours per day. It would shock many people at first but be a great help to most to make more affordable decisions. I have had quite a few cases where people could save more than $50 every month per heater by choosing a different heater.


The below calculator doesn't require a lot of detail to help you find out how much it costs to run your heater. All you need is to type in what it says on the label on the heater. The calculator works with all commonly-used electric heaters.


What you need:

  • Wattage. On the label of every heater, it will tell you how many Watts the heater consumes; this is a number with the word Watt behind it or just a W. Some products will say kWh, please change the kWh to Watts (for example, 1.8 kWh = 1800 Watts)

  • How many hours per day do you run your heater on full power per day? If it runs on 50% off the power for 4 hours, type in 2 hours.

  • What is your unit/ kWh cost of electricity? The answer to this you will find on your electricity bill. I have assumed $0.24, as this is an average in NZ, but you can change that to your exact number


Different climates, materials and living stiles require different products for best results. Get in touch for a free consultation- we help you find a heater that works best for you according to science, not a marketing message.

The result will give you the cost of running this heater every day for the same amount of hours for 30 days.

Before you purchase any heater, please ensure it is big enough to heat the room you need heated. For finding out the size heater you require for any room, please click here.

If you are unsure, please do send me a message or give me a call, am also happy to help you find an option that works for what you need and is often much more affordable to run.

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