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Is it worth it to have solar or heat pump water heating or a solar electric system? What size heating system do I need? How much does my heater cost to run? At what point will condensation occur? Finding tools that help us make better informed decisions are hard to find. That is why we created different tools to help you to be able to make more informed decisions.


All our calculators are based on industry average performance and costs as well as public data on temperatures and sunny hours.

Often, we think about the capital cost of a product and then decide if we go for it or not. So we have included in many tools how your loan repayments would change if you purchase the product as well as the estimated monthly savings. Please be aware that because we have based all calculators on averages, our calculators are a guide to help you on your way. Shading, amount of windows, orientation to the sun and wall buildups often differ, for more exact details on your specific property please get in touch with us.


Solar Electricity

How much money could you save every month by adding a solar electricity system? How much could you save over its' lifetime? How could this change your monthly electricity and home loan cost?

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Water heating

How much money can you save on water heating with solar or a heat pump? Could you still save money by adding the capital cost of the system to your home loan?

Image by Christian Wiediger


Condensation is a contributing  factor for developing asthma, causing toxic mould or rotting structures in buildings and high energy bill. Click here to find out how to reduce condensation/dew point in your home.

Image by Sagnavel Sodecva

Heating Size

How many kWh does a heater need to have to be able to heat my room? This calculator helps you find a heater that will keep you warm inside when it is cold outside.

Image by Achudh Krishna

Heater Running Cost

How much does my heater cost me every month? The answer might shock you. This calculator will do just that-- it helps you find out the monthly running cost of any electric heater before you buy.

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