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water heating

Water Heating

According to official numbers, water heating in New Zealand counts for an average of 30% of your energy costs. Checking Energywise online showed that if you for example live in Christchurch, and your family has 4x 10 minute showers per day it will cost you about - $1,500.00 per year for heating with an electric element. Unlike space heating water heating cannot be minimized by air barriers and insulation. We want warm water for a shower, bath or washing the dishes.


But we can reduce our costs in heating the water significantly. The biggest savings in water heating can be achieved by using a heat pump or solar water heating. Our view is that you should study them closely, they pay for themselves much quicker than you might think, will save you heaps of money in the future and most of the time increase your property value. Find here our free calculator, that helps you find out how much you could save on water heating with a heat pump or solar.


Here, we look at various ways of water heating and their pros and cons. 

Using alternative ways compared to an electric element to heat your water makes perfect sense and often only has a short payback period. Get in touch with us and we will help you find what works best for you.


Solar Water Heating

Solar is a free, plentiful and renewable resource in New Zealand. There are several options in heating your water with solar.

Heat Pump Water Heating

Heat pumps have been used in New Zealand to pump hot air inside your home to keep you warm. But they can also be used to heat your water and cut your power bill.

Gas Water Heating

Instantaneous gas water heating does not require a water tank, saving space.

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