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Wallpaper Finish

Wallpaper started out as paper with a visual design printed upon and glued onto the wall. It has been around for hundreds of years. And during that time wallpaper went in and out of fashion. Today, there are countless of options in wallpaper. While actual paper can still be used, today there are also a lot of synthetic materials used as a base which are sadly not as renewable as paper (or even recycled paper). 

Also, the prints have improved and can be different: they can be flat and smooth or have a texture.

Tropical Print Sofa and Wall

Environmental Factors


It is difficult to talk about the environmental effects of wallpaper: they can be made out of different materials that are either toxic, non toxic or might be made of recycled materials. The glue used can be harmful or non toxic too.

So, what are the general pros and cons of wallpaper?

Advantages of using wallpaper:

  • Wallpaper lasts a long time

  • Wallpaper can have many different colours and patterns

  • Wallpaper can be made out of renewable or recycled materials

Disadvantages of using wallpaper:

  • If a texture that is felt with touch it can be difficult to clean

  • Wallpaper can be made, printed or glued on with toxic and environmentally damaging materials

  • In rooms with excessive moisture such as bathrooms or kitchens wallpaper can peel off the wall

  • It is difficult to repair broken elements

  • Wallpaper is time consuming to remove for replacement

Oriental Wallpaper
Blush Wallpaper
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