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A good building starts with good design. We see too many buildings in our voluntary work where better design would have made a massive difference and often not required other products to fix the home.


It is easy to underestimate design in buildings. After all, it appears to just be some walls, floor space and windows. However, design dictates the way we move through spaces, interact in them, what we pay attention to and the comfort we feel. It is all by design. The importance in design is also on the exterior of the building: reducing noises coming into the house, getting the right amount of light, views and heat through our windows as well as protecting us from unnecessary wind are all part of good design.

A good designer or architect will save you money: unnecessary spaces are cut out, the shape is optimized to your site and individual requirements and materials are carefully considered and chosen. Your house will most of the time be cheaper to run as windows, insulation and construction practices are carefully considered. Sadly most of NZ's buildings overheat in summer and are too cold and damp in winter- proper design will help alleviate those issues.

Here we have a list of architects and designers we know are putting extra care into getting things right for you. Click onto the logo to check out the website of the designer.


Harper Arch logo - Square Black Large 30
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If you are an architect or designer and we haven't yet had a chat about putting your logo up for free, please do get in touch

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