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Flat & Sloped Roof


All our roofs are either sloped or flat. The choice we make tends to come down to us either wanting additional storage space or prefer the look of a flat roof. Here we explain different options of roof available to you in New Zealand.

Sloped Roofs:

Sloped roofs are the most common roof type in New Zealand. The slope of the roof makes it a safe option for homeowners as the rain washes down the roof and away from the house. Sloped roofs have often the highest point above the centre of the house, then going down on both sides to meet with the lower sidewalls. This creates a roof cavity that could be used for storage, hobby or other living accommodation. 

Another architecturally popular version of the sloped roof is the mono-pitched roof, whereby one side of the house is taller than the other. The roof slopes down from one end of the house to the other, draining the rain in one direction.

In the mono-pitched roof there is no roof cavity and no extra storage space available.

Black and White Building

Flat Roofs:

Flat roofs are to the eye from the outside flat or without a slope. Here we look at the most common forms: the parapet roof, the green roof and the flat roof that is also used as a terrace. Similar to the mono- pitched roof, a flat roof has no roof cavity. Pretty much all of the flat roofs are in reality not flat. They all tend to have some inclination to let rainwater flow away and avoid flooding as much as possible.


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