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Roof Terrace

A roof terrace is a great way to utilise otherwise dead space and potentially get a view of your surroundings. As all other versions of flat roofs, roof terraces tend to have a small incline to let rainwater drain off safely. And as all flat roofs with only minimal slope, there is the potential of water damage to the house and flooding. To avoid potential leakage the roof terrace is often made out of a single piece. 


Advantages of a roof terrace:

  • Additional usable space for occupants

  • For occupants living high up without a balcony or garden; area space to grow flowers, herbs or vegetables/ fruit

  • Improved view and potentially property value

  • In most areas rooftops have more direct sunlight than a backyard garden


Disadvantages of a roof terrace:

  • Potential of flooding due to the small slope

  • Materials to ensure weather tightness are often damaging to the environment in production and after

roof terrace garden.jpeg
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