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Sheep Wool Insulation

Sheep wool is a wonderful, natural and importantly, renewable insulation material that we in New Zealand are lucky to have plenty of. Insulation made of sheep wool has proven itself arguably since there are sheep. Sheep wool can be recycled- in fact sometimes sheep wool insulation is already recycled sheep wool. To give sheep wool insulation the strength so it doesn't collapse in itself and leaving spaces exposed, polyester is added. The quantity of polyester added depends on the type of insulation. Polyester is a synthetic material that doesn't biodegrade well. Many sheep wool insulation manufacturers use recycled polyester, which is a good way to reduce our landfill.

Sheep wool insulation is also available as spray in insulation. This type of insulation does have the advantage that no polyester is needed and 100% of the insulation is sheep wool. 

Image by Vicente Veras

Advantages of sheep wool insulation:

  • Sheep wool is a natural, renewable and recyclable material

  • Installation can be done without the need for masks

  • The creation of sheep wool insulation is low on energy requirements, adding to the environmental benefits

  • The polyester used in sheep wool insulation can come from recycling resources

  • Sheep wool absorbs and releases moisture, assisting the building regulating the indoor environment without losing its insulation value

  • Wool insulation also absorbs sound very effectively

  • Wool insulation can be made out of recycled materials

  • Sheep wool is biodegradable

  • Sheep wool absorbs toxins created in your home by appliances, helping create a healthier indoor climate

  • Using sheep wool insulation will highly likely help local business and you- supporting NZ companies and creating work


Disadvantages of sheep wool insulation:

  • It tends to be more expensive than fiber glass insulation

  • Not all manufacturers use recycled polyester in its production

  • Some products are treated with chemicals like borax
Image by Sam Carter
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