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Service area: Canterbury

Product group: Water Heating & Heat Pump Underfloor Heating

What do we do?

  • In-slab underfloor heating

Powered by air-to-water heat pumps generating radiant heat, our systems are very cost-effective. It creates a luxurious thermal environment by producing radiant heat energy. The system will NOT create draughts throughout your home. The slab acts as a gentle radiator, and it takes up minimal space.


  • In-slab underfloor cooling

Being more aware of climate change, we are now offering the cooling system as well. The same heat pump and network of pipes can be used for cooling. You can enjoy a warm winter and a cool summer with underfloor system.


  • Heat pump hot water

Air-to-water heat pumps are ideal for domestic hot water heating, swimming pool heating. Compared to electrical water heaters, heat pump hot water is energy (cost) saving from day one. For 1 kW of electrical energy, you can usually expect around 4kW of heat energy. In comparison, conventional electric resistance water heaters provide just 1:1 heat for each kW of energy used.


  • Power Up with Solar Panels

By combining solar PV energy with an air-to-water heat pump, the home is immediately turned into giant energy batteries by storing the heat energy in the cylinder and the concrete slab. The underfloor system can connect to the PV panels, which are placed on the roof, to drive the heat pump all year round. Solar panels are the perfect enhancement for the existing heat pump-driven system.

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Our Vision

Change the level of comfort and health of Kiwi's homes completely

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Our Specialty

We provide luxurious, affordable, in-slab underfloor heating, cooling and heat pump hot water to new builds in the South Island of New Zealand


Our Goal

Make the luxurious whole home energy solution affordable for everyone in New Zealand

Why we do what we do

We want to raise the standard for healthier and more energy-efficient houses and make them affordable for everyone in New Zealand. To achieve this goal, sources high-quality components from reputable manufacturers and backs up with quick and professional service.​ We also provide a five-year warranty for the whole system. 

Our case studies

Case Study 1

Chrissy's story of a remarkable builder named Same Fleetwood.

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