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Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring is incredibly common around the world. Carpets can be made out of several materials: wool, nylon, hemp, polyester, olefin (polypropylene) and other synthetic fibres. So, what are the pros and cons for carpet floors? Carpet floors are warmer to walk on than other floors. While years ago spillage was a major drawback of carpets, many manufacturers have added special treatments to make the removal of stains and spillages easier.

Fur Carpet

The environmental impact is difficult to talk about due to the variance in available materials. Wool, nylon made from castor oils (be careful, many are not) and hemp are all renewable materials. However synthetic fibre carpets can also be made from recycled plastic, which is much better than putting it into landfill and so in our view a good choice too. Further, treatments of carpets can also be natural or chemical.

The backing material as well as the glues used can also vary.

Bottom line: if you want to buy carpet and are environmentally conscious, you will have to do some research to find a carpet that fits with your material and treatment values together.

Advantages of carpet floors:

  • Carpet floors are quieter when walked upon with shoes

  • Carpets can be made out of renewable fibres (wool) or recycled fibres (synthetic)

  • Carpet floors are warmer when walked upon where there is no underfloor heating

  • Carpet floors are warm enough for children to sit on and play

Disadvantages of carpet floors:

  • Carpets can stain after a spillage (often chemicals are added onto synthetic fibres to avoid stains)

  • The carpet fibres can make it harder for people with allergies (some fibres offer chemical treatments to avoid those reactions)

  • Carpets are often made out of synthetic fibres, that are not recycled. This increases the damage to our environment

  • Synthetic fibres are just not as healthy for you and your skin as wool or natural materials

  • Carpets with longer fibres are harder to clean

  • Carpets do require more maintenance and you to have a vacuum cleaner

  • Carpeted areas do create more dust around the house

  • Once the carpet is walked through it needs to be replaced, it cannot be repaired

Vaccum Cleaner
Grey Carpet
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