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Aluminium Window Frames

Aluminium window frames today are considered the standard choice in New Zealand. Aluminium window frames come in a wide choice of colours and tend to be more affordable than timber window frames.

As aluminium does lose more heat than timber window frames many companies now offer aluminium window frames with a thermal break- keeping more heat inside your home and heating costs lower.

Cafe Window

Aluminium needs very little maintenance and keeps its colour for a long time. Also, aluminium only has small movements in its material, which means less potential gaps to let air through compared to timber. The process of mining and production aluminium does cause higher CO2 emissions than timber window frames. Aluminium however does last a very long time with minimal maintenance. 

Advantages of aluminium window frames:

  • Aluminium requires only minimal maintenance and no repainting 

  • Aluminium windows are very lightweight while strong


Disadvantages of aluminium window frames:

  • Aluminium is a very carbon emission intensive material in its manufacture (4)

  • Powder coats or anodised finishes are both not environmentally friendly or healthy for human beings. The processes are damaging to the environment once the baths are disposed of

  • Aluminium frames are significant conductors so lose heat from your room and add to your heating costs compared to other  products

  • It is more likely to have condensation build-up on aluminium frames

  • Recycling aluminium is very difficult. Aluminium by itself is not very strong, because of that other metals are mixed with it.

Image by Andy Chan
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(4) Bath University, 'Inventory of Carbon and Energy', Authors: Hammond, Geoffrey; Jones, Craig; Lowrie, Fiona; Tse, Peter

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