How much electricity will wind produce for me?

So how much electricity can the wind produce for me? Wind turbines are tested to produce a certain amount of kW for their tested wind speed. That tested wind speed is usually between 40 and 55  kilometers per hour (2). The KWH number tested for that windspeed might then be for example 1KWH and sold as such.

To make it more accurate for you we convert the wind speed from the tested wind speed to the actual wind speed in your general city area. If we take Christchurch for example we will adjust the wind speed in the calculation from the tested 47.5 km/h to the regional 14.4 km/h. The result is that a 1KW/H wind turbine will then create approximately 7.27 KW/H per day on average.

To find out the average wind speed we took to the recordings of NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research)  (1). NIWA published NZ average wind speeds measured in the 30 years between 1981 and 2010. All our measurements are for the actual NIWA station of the city. Though you might be in the same city, the wind speed can vary.

Please be aware that all our calculations are done on averages and individual results for you may vary depending on the actual strength of the wind at any particular time for your specific location. The actual results can also vary depending on the wind turbine (we have taken an average tested wind speed of 47.5km/h). 


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