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Stone Shingle Roofing

Stone or slate shingles as they are also known have been around for hundreds of years in different areas of the world. Stone shingles create a classic look for your home or building. Stone doesn't rust, rot, burn or discolour, making it a choice if you want to create a timeless hassle free option that is near maintenance-free.

stone roof cotswold.jpg

How are stone or slate shingles made and installed?

Stone shingles are small, cut and  thin pieces of stone that are stacked to overlap and nailed onto the roof to prevent water from entering. As stone doesn't require maintenance and lasts it is good natural roofing option. The heavy weight however can mean you will require a stronger roof structure to support the weight. Once the roof is taken down the stones can be used for garden paths, potentially a different roof or crushed into smaller pieces for a driveway. Slate shingles create no landfill and we are supporters of that. So what are all the pros and cons of using slate shingles?

Advantages of stone/ slate shingles:

  • Fire and pest resistant

  • Very high durability and life expectancy

  • Classic style or rustic style house look can be achieved

  • Natural material that does not require any chemical treatment or go into landfill after use

  • The production process is more environmentally friendly and local than most other roofing products


Disadvantages of stone/ slate shingles:

  • Weight; their weight might require additional cost in stronger structural framing

  • As stone shingles are not that common please ensure to work with a trained installer

  • Higher installation cost as the product is labor-intensive to install

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stone slate house spain
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