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Service area: Nationwide

Product group: Photovoltaic

What do we do?

The team at SolarCorp have worked within the electrical industry since 1995. During this time, we noted the potential of photovoltaic (PV) solar systems however it also became apparent that our customers were being trapped in to photovoltaic (PV) solar systems with limited flexibility and opportunities for expansion.

The lure of cheap systems highlighted there was both a strong demand for PV solar but a lack of knowledge and a short term focus which was proving to be detrimental for our customers.

SolarCorp have therefore focused on supplying an optimal PV solar system to both the residential and commercial markets, as well as through electrical wholesalers. Our core team have complimentary skills that enable SolarCorp to surpass our customers expectations. That is what we do!

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Our Vision

To provide photovoltaic products that allows for growth and longevity in line with sustainability principles

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Our Philosophy

The currency of life is energy. SolarCorp provides this through our attitude and our products. We could be described as Technocentric Greens 


Our Speciality

We are experienced in both business, relationships and the electrical industry with a core focus on energy efficiency. We thrive on being able to help the SolarCorp family of customers. 

Why we do what we do

The SolarCorp team is passionate about helping people – helping our customers. Seeing them benefit from a PV system we spent much time and energy in finding the optimal solution for is gratifying. It validates our decision! 

Our objective was to find a system that is simple, easy and that opens up the doors of opportunity for our customers. We have achieved this. By pulling together a combination of equipment and securing exclusive relationships with our suppliers, we can now proudly offer a system that has the following qualities: 





  • • MODULAR 


  • • PLUG & PLAY 



Seeing the energy efficiency gained made by the SolarCorp family of customers is what we celebrate! For us to all benefit from it - it is why we do it! 


Our case studies

Case Study 1

"His Team Went Over and Above"

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Neil and Gina Blue

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