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Product information service

Every project is different. In giving you choice and information we assist you in finding your perfect fit. Your values, site conditions and budget condition will be different from others and therefore favour certain technologies over others.

Find here what will work best for you.


We explain how the technologies work, the different versions of products available, the pros and cons of each, conditions on-site for it to be successful as well as the estimated environmental impact to help you find the right choice for you.

Architectural presentations service

Are you looking for a partner that gives you unbiased advice to ensure you get the best for your needs? Do you want to stay ahead in technologies that benefit your clients and the environment? Do you want to save time and money? We are here to help you with all of that.


Our aim is to make your life easier when you need it. We currently offer presentations and consultations in the South Island only. Topics range from specific product like for example solar collectors to wider topics as for example renewable energy creation. To arrange a free presentation please click the button below and we will get in touch to arrange a suitable time and topic with you.

Architectural promotion service for manufacturers

Do you want to grow your business in the South Island? Do you want valuable feedback to further develop your product lines to get ahead of your competition? Do you want to get specified on projects suitable for your product lines? We always look for partners with sustainable products. 


Our aim is to assist growing your business, save you money, time and hassle.

A staff member on the road costs about NZ$100k/year. With our pre existing relationships we can help you for a fraction of the cost of a staff member to connect with architects and designers working on projects suitable for you and your products.

Circular Economy

Circular economy focuses on a more efficient use of resources, while creating more economic opportunities for local societies and the environment.


The economic opportunities in Auckland alone are estimated to be $ 8.8 Billion NZD until 2030 by the NZ Sustainable Business Network.

We work with councils, companies, government agencies and businesses together to help you be part of this in the South Island.

Click below to organise a meeting discussing your opportunities or to book a presentation for your organisation.

advertising with us

Do you want to be seen by your target audience? Do you want to contribute with your knowledge to inform building builders and owners about the advantages of what you do?


Advertising on our page means you get directly to your target audience without wasting money. Contribute to blog posts with your expertise. Inform and communicate with customers directly.

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