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Water is the most reliable resource in New Zealand in regards to electricity generation as it is the most stable. It does go down in certain drought regions.

A flour mill from the village I come from has put in a micro hydro system to power its' production. It is fully running all electric equipment- since 1850. For 250 years prior to that the hydro system ran equipment for a monastery. So, what are the pros and cons for hydro electric systems?

Advantages of hydro electric systems:

  • Water is the most reliable renewable resource, creating the most consistent amount of electricity around the clock

  • As the technology improved, cost decreased, making them more affordable

  • Micro hydro systems can protect the homeowners from power outages

Disadvantages of hydro electric systems:

  • There is even with small water electric turbines and no dams a potential of wildlife changes due to the disturbance

  • Hydro electric systems have a high initial financial outlay, only paying back over time

  • Droughts. Water shortages will cut down or altogether stop electricity production

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