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Which way to go?

Growing a company with limited resources is difficult! Especially if you are thinking of growing within the architectural market, which can take over a year to see any results. Further, it can be hard to see if there is any potential for your product in the first place. We know that many small businesses were formed to create better and healthier solutions, and take a lot of pride in their service and product. We're here to help match your sustainable materials and products to the right projects.


Especially post Covid 19 there is a lot of uncertainty and

  • not knowing the architectural market opportunity or the return on investment

  • hiring staff to do the additional work is expensive and time consuming

  • a small budget with big goals

all influence what we can do and how/if we can grow and help more homeowners have a great home.

How we help

We work in the South Island with various architects and designers to help create better buildings. We specialize in finding energy efficient solutions that are healthy, sustainable and work for the specific project and budget. There is a high chance that your product would help in many projects. 




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Real market feedback 

When you want to enter a new market but are keen on finding out more information about challenges and opportunities are key. In speaking to architects and designers we can give you real life examples to help you on your journey to get it right from the beginning.

Connecting you to like-minded companies

Many of our product partners have products that work fantastically together. In our mission to help create better buildings, we often run into other companies that could benefit of working together with you.

Networking Event

The benefits of working closely with the Circular Project team are:

  • Growing in your target market

  • Regular feedback to grow your business even further

  • Reputation growth as the projects are suitable for your products

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