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Laminate, Vinyl and PVC Flooring

Laminate, Vinyl and PVC are all synthetic flooring choices. Most of them were invented in the wake of the plastic manufacturing and quickly sold due to their lower prices. Only later were the negative environmental consequences discovered.

In our view there is a potential for all synthetic floors to be made out of recycled synthetic materials, which would cut down on landfill. Right now we are not aware that any manufacturer is using recycled synthetic materials in their production.


We all have seen the sad pictures of what all too often happens to plastic waste- it ends up in the landfill or in our waterways, polluting soil, water and harming other forms of life which will eventually end up back in us through digestion.

Advantages of laminate/ vinyl floors:

  • Especially vinyl floors are water resistant

  • They are cheap and easily accessible

Disadvantages of laminate/ vinyl floors:

  • They are made out of non sustainable resources

  • The production process is high in CO2 emissions

  • Water can flow in between the laminate or vinyl panels, with the potential of causing rot below the laminate/ vinyl floor

  • The floor cannot be repaired, in case of any damage it needs to be replaced

  • The floor can potentially emit volatile organic compounds, being bad for our health

  • When the floor is glued to the bottom floor it can be difficult to remove

  • The floor has a shorter lifespan than for example timber floor or tiles

Image by Asier Gil
Modern Kitchen
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